Carter stands out

Rebekah Carter.

by Kimberley Cummins

There was no stopping Rebekah Carter.

Last night she demolished her competition by hills and valleys to be named winner of the third preliminary of the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contest.

The 19 year old earned 617 points for her beautiful renditions of Homeless and Through The Eyes Of Love by Melissa Manchester. From her first performance she was the stand out; her diction was clear, her voice was very strong — nothing about this girl was lacking.

After her performance in the second half, the show could have literally ended; the audience exploded in applause and left the Plantation Garden Theatre unsettled.

Carter was the one to beat; the opponent to come nearest to beating her was Rashida Codrington. Going into the second half she was trailing by 36 points and she finished the night on 553 points. Codrington was very good in her first performance of Whitney Houston’s One Moment In Time. She did very well to open the show at a very high standard, however it was her second performance which sealed her fate.

The 15 year old NIFCA awardee left the audience bamboozled by her rendition of Jennifer Holliday’s And I Am Telling You. “Wow” was all they could say after her performance. Her voice was strong, she appeared passionate about what she was doing, and she hit every note. Though she sounded like she was shouting at times, the audience loved her and the sound of the applause pulsated throughout the St. Lawrence, Christ Church theatre.

Jamar Webster placed third with 522 point, but his appearance was nothing to write home about. His first performance of Beautiful As You by All 4 One was okay, as the St. Peter native’s voice cracked continually during the performance. It could be said that the best part of his performance was at the point when he gave an audience member a plastic rose.

His rendition of John Legend’s Everybody Knows was not much better either. He was flat, and while he appeared to be putting in a lot of effort it did not help.

Kristina Carter, with 503 points, moved on to the next round due to the recommendation of the judges. The lone 6-12 contestant, Lekenya Prescod, gained 502 points for her version of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and Superwoman by Alicia Keys.

Ramon Harris, though he did not move on, was very good. The Gregory Hines look-a-like was good in voice, great in diction and was fashionably attired. All eyes were on him as he performed and did a beautiful job of Super Star and Luther Vandross’ Love Won’t Let Me Wait.

Other contestants were: Lolitha Alcide, Zoe Armstrong, Dario Carrington and Danielle Grazette.

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