Lashann Whyte cracks Crop-Over Safe

Lashann Whyte and DIgicel’s Alex Tasker.

Lashann Whyte is $50,000 richer tonight.

After Cracking the Crop-Over Safe at the end of the 10-week promotion, she walked away with the grand prize in Digicel’s summer promotion.

“If somebody else had won I would be happy still, but still I’m glad because my mother [Juliette Barlett] needs an operation and that was my wish to carry her to Miami to get her operation done. My son is going to turn five on Sunday and I will be keeping a party for him . . . ,” she said after her win.

The promotion started on June 8 and ran until August 17 and each of the weekly winner received $2,000 in credit, a BlackBerry 9300 and a chance to crack the safe.

Digicel also recognised its ambassadors Mikey, Lil’ Rick and Red Plastic Bag for their success in the Crop-Over Festival.

2 Responses to Lashann Whyte cracks Crop-Over Safe

  1. lashann whyte August 25, 2012 at 12:39 am

    i am a very very happy person tonight thanks to digicel and god, an am on my way to helping my mom out

  2. sharon August 25, 2012 at 1:53 am

    I’m really glad for you SIS and I must say God don’t come but he truly sends he knows the hour the time and the place I have been praying for a while for God to send some blessings my father side the last thing I did was to say God if there are any sins that have been causing the family to have a wetness in their live I’m asking you to remove it . I also went ahead as to pray and say or use some of my blessings to bless the family , I’m really glad that my step mother would be able to go to Miami once more and get that other operation done and that my little sister is the one to receive the blessings . Thank you God .


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