Foolproof plan needed

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experiences, presentations, connections, etc., etc., etc.” over the years, if chairman Holder was such a superstar aviation expert and Caribbean government-political chum/pal/friend/confidant/buddy/persuader he would have come up with a foolproof plan for the airline that works, convinced the shareholder countries/governments to pay for it, convinced the regional non-shareholder governments to sign on to it, and have turned LIAT around to an example of how to operate an airline efficiently within four years.

He has been there at the helm through several challenges, and with serious competition he had all the excuses to trim LIAT into a lean, mean flying machine that would start paying its own way and by example get rid of all the old acronyms for its name for all time.

Rutted cart track

That is if he is such a superstar aviation expert. But he is not, so LIAT continues in the same old rutted cart track it has been since it was bought out of private hands.

Jean Holder is no more an aviation expert, Caribbean or otherwise, than anyone else.

In my opinion, all Holder is doing is using his presence at the highest levels of LIAT over the last eight years to write a book profit. No doubt some will buy, read and believe the rubbish, the less gullible may buy it just to find out what board room secrets might be contained in it. But the least gullible among us will also know that – as a still-sitting chairman, those little plums will be few and far between – if any at all.

My expectation: A boring read of Jean Holder’s more mundane experiences during his tenure at LIAT.

— Jim Lynch

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