Alexandra messenger unsure about June 4 letter


The Alexandra School’s porter messenger of the last 20 years is unsure if he delivered a contentious letter authored by Principal Jeff Broomes to the Ministry of Education.

Robert Grimes told the Commission of Enquiry into the St. Peter School that while the school’s records showed he delivered mail on June 15, 2011, he could not recall if a June 4, 2011 letter Broomes authored about the alleged non teaching of Amaida Greaves was the item or items, since there was no record of it.

He was giving evidence at the tribunal, held at the Wildey Gymnasium, Garfield Sobers Sports Complex.

Broomes’ evidence is that his letter was delivered to the Ministry of Education, but ministry officials, including Chief Education Officer Laurie King, have previously said there was no record of any such correspondence having ever been received by the organisation.

In the first instance, Grimes, who told the commission he worked at Alexandra since January 1991, said it was not customary for him to receive mail from the principal on Saturdays. June 4 last year was a Saturday.

Responding to questions from the principal’s counsel Vernon Smith, QC, Grimes said it was unclear where the mail he took to the ministry on June 15 originated.

“I took a letter but I am not sure what it was… I took a letter, but I can’t say what letter it was,” he testified. Smith said Broomes had never said when he gave the letter authored on June 4 to the messenger, but that he had given it to him to deliver and it was possible this was on June 15.

The commission’s junior counsel Michael Yearwood queried why Broomes would take more than a week to transmit such a letter.

“If I understand my learned friend’s train of thought that maybe the letter was sent on the (June) 15 that is almost two weeks, 10 working days almost, and Mr. Broomes has not given any evidence as to when he gave the letter to the porter so the connection is a strange connection,” Yearwood said.

Smith said the principal had said he sent the letter by Grimes, but that he had not stated the date when this was done. He suggested the June 15 mail delivered to the ministry might have been that correspondence. (SC)

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