New day of stewardship

In 1989 RPB won the Pic-O-De-Crop final with his rendition De Country Ain’t Well.

The wit and craft that RPB used to construct the lyrics for this masterpiece is just beyond brilliant! The first line opens with “De country sick, de country en well, see it as a person and then you will tell”.

Then RPB continues to masterfully show the sickness of the country through the use of every organ and limb in the human body; by comparing every function of a living, breathing being to the different sectors, roles, and areas of a country – from Government to the armed forces, to the individual.

Lines such as “the spine has to be our tourist industry; the backbone of the country, so we can be paralysed easily” and “de heart, highly ranked, has to be our central bank, but with blood all over de body, so now , you know blood is MONEY”. I wonder if RPB when he penned this song back in 1989, knew how applicable and relevant those words would be today in 2012.

Some 23 years later we are now seeing the aftermath of his seemingly prophetic declaration. The recent down grade by Standards & Poors of Barbados to non investment status, the high national debt, the failure of the tourism industry, the high cost of living, the increase of violent crime and the moral decay that has gripped our nation, is testament that there is a need for urgent solutions to recover Barbados from its illness.

At the root of this national illness is the entity that the people of Barbados look towards to assist them in achieving a better standard of living and to charter a path towards a better future, namely the Gvernment.

Barbadians must understand that electing a government is a very serious undertaking. In choosing a leader and his party to lead us, means that we place our trust these individuals to properly manage our national finances and resources in a manner that will create betterment for all citizen.

Looking at the past 20 years of the management of the resources of Barbados it is clear that at this present time there has been gross mismanagement of Barbados’ resources by those whom we have elected, and that there is need for the emergence of another body of individuals who will do what’s necessary and make the critical decisions that will put Barbados back on track and we, the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance, want to present ourselves as such an organisation to the people of Barbados.

The founding fathers of our nation had vision, namely Errol Barrow and Grantley Adams. They were considered Caribbean statesmen and visionaries, whose ideas helped to shape our nation. However, it is clear to see that those who came after them (the two major parties) have not continued the vision and mission of our founding fathers and leaders.

We at the NBKA are very concern with the lack of vision, accountability and wisdom demonstrated by our recent leaders of this nation. What is so serious about this area of leadership, is that many of them would have grown up during the time when the standard of living in Barbados was low, they would have known the plights of those who struggled to feed, clothed and educate their children.

Yet after rising to a place of prominence, and given the opportunity to help to make Barbados a better place, they have made life harder for its citizens and move Barbados into a world class country that its people can be proud of.

Some 16 years ago, then Prime Minister Owen Arthur said the he would not stop until every house in Barbados has at least two vehicles parked outside. Needless to say we are eons from that being the case now. The recent admission by the Minister of Social Care Steve Blackett, printed in the July 31 edition of the Nation regarding the inability of the Government to deliver on its promises, has only cemented the issue of political psychology used during election time. We must no longer fall for this pattern of mass manipulation.

The NBKA is committed to the process of recovery paradigm shifting, to creating a Barbados that works for Barbadians. We see the need for urgent attention to providing the alternative solutions to the various problems that currently plague our nation.

I was speaking with the wife of one of my old primary school teachers about the NBKA, and she gave me one of those moments of encouragement and nuggets of wisdom. She said: “Lynroy, everything starts with a vision, but you must take your stand in that vision no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you’re not supported, as long as you believe in it. From Rosa Park to Martin Luther King to Errol Barrow, they all had a dream to bring change, and if God has placed this in your heart, then pursue it without fear.”

New day of governance

The New Barbados Kingdom Alliance is poised to present to the people of Barbados a new day of governance, backed by Kingdom principles that will foster sustainable and effective change in the current socio-economic climate in Barbados. We want to offer hope and a nationwide belief in that same hope – hope in a Barbados that’s prosperous and can be enjoyed by all.

We have to start thinking – and seriously thinking. Thinking about our future as a people, thinking about what it means to live in a country that has an international credit rating of non investment status. Thinking about the vision of free education, thinking about what it will take to have your own home and land. Thinking about what all of this means for our children.

The NBKA believes that the time is here for a new day of stewardship of our national resources. There’s a need for a fresh approach to an new Barbados.

* Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury is founder and president of the NBKA

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