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‘we culture’ unhealthy course for barbadian society

There is, and always will be an element in every society that adopts attitudes and lifestyles that defy the wider society’s spiritual and moral norms.

That element, buoyed by the successful promotion of its deviant lifestyle and the unwitting or willing government facilitation and sponsorship, invariably leads it to seek authenticity by having its brand established as that of the entire society.

Such is the case with the element in our society that identifies itself by the name “We”, to which it has attached the word “culture” maybe in an effort to camouflage its lack thereof, and with which a certain pattern of unseemly behaviour has now become synonymous.

Developmental role

But even as the wider society seeks to denigrate “We” and its infamous “culture” the question must be, what part did it play in the development of “We” as a thriving subculture which, added to the “minibus culture”, has our entire country teetering on the brink of almost irreversible degradation?

And the answer is: That from senior citizens to infants desensitised by the intense media promotion of “We” designed specifically for that purpose, to “churches” lured by itching ears and a thinly veiled attraction to revelry, to Government and its agencies enticed by a characteristic attraction to lucre, filthy or otherwise, have all been sucked into We’s quagmire of almost irreversible debauchery.

While admittedly many have, by participation or silent consent,w contributed to this escalating wanton abandonment of common decency, there remains an element of society that identifies itself as God-fearing and Christian, aware of the need for an urgent reversal of existing moral turpitude pushed to its limit.

Though seemingly daunting, the solution lies within all whose unashamed confession of allegiance to God precludes them for becoming a part of the depravity that is all around us, and in their incessant prayer for the county’s return to God and His ways.

Most assuredly, all else will fail.

— Thomas A. Harper Snr.

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