Sad situation

I read your article in the Barbados Today on the back page headlined NO BOOKS and I found it to be a very sad situation for both the child and his mother.

I have no idea who this lady is, but one thing is for sure – she’s trying to give here son an opportunity to gain an education to make something of himself even if she has nothing to eat. That is a mother who wants more for her child than she might have had for herself.

To hell with the details, this lady needs help and you Mr. Principal should be ashamed to stand in the boys way of gaining an education for a lousy $15.

I am willing to pay the $15 for the boy’s books. Tell me how to send it to you, and I will do it right away.

People keep talking about the young people don’t do this or don’t do that, but when they find themselves placed in a position such as this, and someone approach them with an offer which, by the way, might be illegal they might take it to make money. This is how it gets started, Mr. Principal.

Problem persists

The other thing that truly amazes me is that even though she was given the all-clear to get the books for her child, she still had a problem doing so. Who is responsible for schools and education in Barbados?

I am willing to pay for the young man’s books. How about that?

Every child deserves a chance for an education.

— Charles Cadogan

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