Keeping health in check

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave (second left) chatting with President of the Humphrey Metzgen (first left) and Director Almroth Williams (right).

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave would like to see more Barbadians taking their health seriously.

And during a visit to the Heart & Stroke Foundation today, for which he is the patron, the Governor General expressed the wish to see more persons joining the organisation and availing themselves of the education and services there.

Noting that he believed persons should not wait until they were ill to become members of the Foundation, but rather join from earlier, Sir Elliott stated that he nevertheless knew that a membership fee to do so could be prohibitive.

“They should come from earlier … but where a fee is concerned that could prove to be a difficulty in these hard times. I was saying that people should join up but I am mindful that a fee is involved because the staff has got to be paid, equipment has got to be paid for, and everything is expensive,” he said.

During his tour of the facility he was made aware of the various facilities and services offered, and also asked about subventions from Government, at which time he learnt that the Foundation was funded by donations as a registered charity.

In addition to various CPR education and training programmes, Foundation officials indicated that they also had programmes in schools to sensitise children as well.

He was then showed the correct way to administer CPR by senior instructor Dave Bascombe.

Each of his questions posed to Bascombe and others were answered promptly, as the Governor General himself sought more information on how long was too late to administer CPR, and what checks there were to ensure it was being done correctly.

The Governor General paused to have a word with some of the members who were receiving treatment or exercising in the facility, and was presented with a badge by one of the staff members. (LB)

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