'Disciplinary provisions breached'

PTA President Carl Benksin (left) and Jeff Broomes.

Her alleged non teaching meant Amaida Greaves breached the disciplinary provisions of the Public Service Act.

That’s the view the Alexandra School’s Principal Jeff Broomes, her boss and the individual who made the allegation last year.

He was responding to questions today when the issue, said to be a primary cause of the January 2012 strike by about 30 of the school’s teachers including Greaves, came up again at the Commission of Enquiry into Alexandra.

“I most certainly believe she was in breach,” the principal said in answer to a question from the commission’s senior counsel, Milton Pierce.

Greaves is the head of the school’s Science Department and in a December 2, 2011 address at Speech Day he alleged she had not taught chemistry to an entire form of fourth formers for a term.

The teacher’s evidence at the tribunal now on at the Garfield Sobers Sports complex was that she had in fact taught during the term, which Broomes disputed yesterday in his evidence at the commission.

On his third day in the witness chair today, he again said Greaves had not instructed the students as he had assigned and that he had done all he could to have the matter resolved, including via the Ministry of Education.

“I wrote a letter and it is nothing unusual for a principal to write to the Chief Education Officer and not get a response, it is nothing unusual for the principal to write a letter to the Permanent Secretary and not get a response. I wrote a letter to the Permanent Secretary … seeking vacation leave and I didn’t get a response and that is the norm,” Broomes said.

Asked by Pierce why there was no follow up to a June 4, 2011 letter on the matter the principal said was delivered to the Ministry of Education, Broomes said:

“I cannot say I did not think it necessary to follow up. Maybe someone who has lived it can understand it. Things were not normal in my life at that point and that was not my focus at that time. I accept any criticism on that but it was what it was.” (SC)

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