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From left, Adrian Boo Husbands, Jeisel Martinez, Gregory Hunte, Jemma Rivas, Willie Kerr, and Anthony Gabby Carter.

Last Thursday evening the launch of the retrospective exhibition of Art and Photography entitled COMO LO VEMOS was held at the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation in Rockley, Christ Church.

Elissa Nalsen, head of the Institute, which is the cultural arm of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Barbados, acknowledged the diversity in talent as she announced the names of the exhibitors.

Antonio Boo Rudder, Wille Kerr, Indra Rudder, Ali Sandiford, Fielding Babb, Adrii Abiola Holder, Marilda Weatherhead, John Walcott, Yasmin Vizcarrondo, Norma Farmer, among others have all submitted works to be displayed in this exhibition.

The idea for the exhibition sprung out of the imagination of Adrian Boo Husbands who is attached to the IVCC and is responsible, along with the team of Elissa Nalsen and Evelyn Gragirena, for developing strategies to enhance the cultural links between the two countries as well as better utilizing the facilities offered at the IVCC.

Originally the exhibition was to cater to members of the community of performing artistes; the Institute was not being utilized for the teaching of Spanish between the months of July and September and so it lent itself perfectly to the idea. Finally the exhibition was extended to include Venezuelans, Barbadians, hobbyists and professionals and this has ensured a high standard and a wide variety of exhibits.

The launch was indeed spectacular as it featured performances by some of those persons displaying works: Ali Sandiford’s poetry, Indra Rudder’s guitar and vocals, Tessa Kerr’s piano playing, all set the tone for a wonderfully artistic and creative evening.

Among those specially invited were the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Maxine McClean, and Gabby. Also in attendance were Jeisel Martinez and Jemma Rivas Castillo, two young Cuban musicians of Bajan lineage. They performed a Stefan Walcott arrangement of John Belly Mama and El Manisero to thunderous applause. They also performed with Husbands and Kerr in some of their Beach Compositions, Gabby could not resist joining the group and adding some extempo lyrics to Kerr’s composition Home is where the heart is.

The concert closed off with a Husbands composition Ent got no name yet featuring Jemma (violin), Jeisel (flute), Boo (recorder), Terry Mexican Arthur (pan), Kerr (guitar), Gregory Hunte (percussion), Lorin Brathwaite (Bass) and Walcott (keys). The Cuban influenced tune had the audience rocking.

Ambassador Jos? G??mez Febres said he was very pleased to host the exhibition and pledged his commitment to doing more to integrate the communities through culture.

The exhibition, which also features the work of Louis Parris, Tessa Kerr, Lesley Ann Walcott, Lorin Brathwaite, Felix Kerr, Dinael Oropeza, is open weekdays between 1 p.m. and 6. p.m. until September 7th 2012 at the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation.

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