Step-It-Up series off to successful start


The race consisted of a 5 Km loop around where runners could choose the 5Km, 10Km or 15Km distance by running the loop once, twice or three times. The purpose was to encourage runners to challenge themselves by going further than before by stepping up their race distance.

The event came in for praise from the runners for its organisation that included a timely start, well manned water stations, bags stuffed with sponsors’ samples and a host of prizes which were given in a draw using the bib numbers of every participant, thus giving everyone a chance to win one of the prizes.

The first three runners in the male and female category for each race, as well as the oldest male and female of each race, were awarded a locally crafted medal plaque.

The Step-It-Up Run Series was a joint effort by Elite Sports and Ufukuzo Running Club and was supported by various local businesses. The organizers were very pleased with the response from the running community in Barbados and are already planning to bring back the Step-It-Up Run Series again next year. In the meantime, there will be several road races staged in Barbados in the weeks leading up to the Run Barbados Series in December.

Sunday’s results:

15Km male: Rodney Blackman 1st 1:03:41; 2nd Noel Ellis 1:06:14; 3rd Fitz Robinson 1:07:30

15Km female: Rachael Zaspel 1:21:05; 2nd Christine Richards 1:24:04; 3rd Jennifer Floro 1:40:11

10Km male: Jerome Blackett 41:07; 2nd Ramon Figueroa 46:41; 3rd Gary Smith 52:22

10Km female: Carlie Pipe 47:21; 2nd Julie Heumphreus 47:21; 3rd Betty Murray 1:01:24

5Km male: Philip Gaskin 20:43; 2nd Corey McClean 21:55; 3rd Cleveland Sam 22:57

5Km female: Marlean Stewart 24:49; 2nd Asha Pemberton- Gaskin 25:48; 3rd Sade Connell 25:48

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