Singers spice up disaster awareness

BL&P rewards contestants for entries in disaster preparedness competition

Disaster preparedness is critical, and with the hurricane season underway, the Barbados Light & Power Company welcomes opportunities to encourage employees and the general public to be prepared in the event of a disaster.

With this in mind, BL&P teamed up with the Barbados Red Cross in support of their “Spice it Up: Sing for Preparedness” contest.

The contest encouraged national participation to produce an original song on preparedness.

The belief was participation would help to engage communities in disaster awareness through song.

Singing to prescribed music, the competitors were required to develop and deliver their own lyrics and from a field of ten contenders, Danielle Gibson, Jaydee Bourne and Jodi Massiah emerged in first, second and third places respectively.

Disaster Risk Reduction Delegate to Grenada and Barbados and organiser of the event, Joan Bastide, noted that the competition was first launched in Grenada. It was a catalyst to bring greater attention to hurricane preparedness, disaster management and climate change in a way that was memorable and accessible to people of all ages. The hope is to have the same level of consciousness arising from the Barbados competition.

Light & Power’s Chief Operating Officer, Stephen Worme, who manages the company’s Hurricane Management Plan, spoke of the importance of such a competition, which promotes an attitude of hurricane readiness.

“Traditionally, Barbadians have approached hurricanes with some degree of complacency and activities which seek to encourage a positive shift in our thinking are worthwhile,” Worme said.

“Light & Power was happy to be involved in the initiative, which could benefit Barbadians at all walks of life — especially if the messages contained in the songs are received and internalised.”

The winning song will be converted into a music video, while the five best songs from Barbados and Grenada will be recorded in a professional studio to be placed on a common CD, which will be distributed to schools, national disaster agencies, media and donor agencies throughout the Caribbean.

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