Wrapped around her finger…

My ppl. It’s a new week which means it’s time for me to ‘holluh’ at you guys. It’s always amusing to hear a guy talk about allllllllllllll the things he has done and how a girl could never make him do this or do that and what he says goes. These are the head ones who are being bossed about.

I don’t think some girls even realise how powerful they are. There are things that men would do for women they would never be done for some of their closest male friends.

Here’s an example. Guy gets a call from one of his friends at about 11:30 p.m. asking for a drop. This is the response: “Nah boy, I in for the night!”

Woman calls the same guy at a couple minutes to one telling him she’s in the mood. In no time, clothes are on and through the door lol. Yes, yes we all know this is accurate.

Keep in mind that he may have work in the morning lol. He’s thinking one thing while she’s really in the mood to talk lol. He’ll say never again and if she does it the next night you could guarantee he’ll still leave again.

Ppl say two heads are better than one? I disagree because one will always overpower the other and then you end up making the incorrect decision in the moment.

Fellas yuh can’t be manipulated. There are women out there who will keep milking you and giving you the impression that you will be rewarded eventually. Pfft…..rightttttttttt. They talk about acting like woman and thinking like a man? It can go for men as well but we have no power compared to that of a woman.

So watch yuhself guys. There are women out there just looking to use you as a stepping stone to get ahead in life. This time I ain’t speaking from experience tho lol.


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