Not my man!

BSTU president Mary Redman

Do not believe the rumour mill.

There is no love lost between the Alexandra School’s Principal Jeff Broomes and Barbados Secondary Teachers Union President Mary Redman.

Redman made that clear today, saying the two were never lovers and she was “very, very angry” that since 2010 she had heard rumours they were once “romantically involved”

She chose to give the clarification this afternoon at the Commission of Enquiry into Alexandra, after Commissioner Frederick Waterman asked how long she knew the principal.

“Sir, having sworn on the Bible I am very, very angry at the fact that since 2010 I have been hearing rumours, and I have heard from more than one person male and female, that they have heard the principal of the Alexandra School Mr. Jeff Broomes say that we were romantically involved and I want to state categorically that there is absolutely no truth to that statement,” the trade unionist said.

“When I first heard it in 2010 we were going through the series of meetings at the Ministry of Education.”

When told by Waterman that he was merely asking about the professional aspect of the relationship and not any romantic links, she responded:

“I wanted the opportunity to make this statement so that question having been raised I have taken it to say first that there is absolutely no truth to that. It is something that I have reported since 2010 to the Ministry of Education.”

Redman said the first time she met Broomes was in 2005, three years after he became Alexandra principal, and it was in relation to an administrative matter at the school.

The BSTU head said since then there was nothing she heard of or experienced in relation to Broomes that would endear him to her.

“As a matter of fact, because persons in the Ministry of Education, persons at the level of the board of management have been unwilling to deal with Mr. Broomes he has become increasingly emboldened, his actions have deepened and widened in terms of his workplace abuse, his mismanagement, his disrespect of the staff, especially females,” she said.

“And therefore we have been in increasing situations of conflict, him as manager of the Alexandra School and Barbados Secondary Teachers Union as an organisation.” (SC)

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