No substance

Pound’s claims about jamaica’s athletes get

no backing from WADA

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has indicated it has no concerns about the operations of Jamaica’s anti-doping authorities, despite recent statements from its former president, Dick Pound.

In a statement, WADA said the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) was deemed compliant in the compliance report passed by WADA’s foundation board last November.

“In order to achieve compliance, an anti-doping organisation needs to satisfy a number of criteria with regard to its anti-doping programme, including having an element of out-of-competition testing,” WADA said in its statement.

“It must also have in place anti-doping regulations that allow the programme to function effectively.”

The statement came days after Pound, an International Olympic Committee member, had told Reuters Television that Jamaican athletes belong to “one of the groups that are hard to test”.”It is hard to get in and find them and so forth,” Reuters quoted Pound as saying.

After a meeting with commission members on Monday, JADCO head, Dr Winston Davidson, labelled Pound’s “false” statements “a vicious attack on a small country”.

WADA said many Jamaican track-and-field athletes were part of the IAAF’s registered testing pool and were, therefore, also tested independently of their national anti-doping programme.

“WADA has visited Jamaica several times in the last couple of years to provide guidance and advice to JADCO,” the international agency said. “We expect an invitation to return again this year as a result of the appointment of a new CEO at JADCO.”

WADA also noted that JADCO is mandated to deliver a report every year to its stakeholders which identifies any anti-doping rules violations, and that WADA had received the report.

“As with all signatories, WADA will continue to monitor and offer assistance where needed to make anti-doping efforts as robust as possible,” the agency said.

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