Money sense!

50% off!

Buy one get one free!



Buy one get one half off!

These are just some of the signs that we absolutely love to see when we’re out shopping. Of course, they are many more that catch our eyes. They are the shoppers who seldom do it, the occasional ones, and of course the addicts, like myself — (clears throat!)

However, like any other hobby that requires practice and skill, shopping also entails a technique; it’s more than taking up a product and heading to a cashier to cash out. It requires patience.

As a customer one thing you must realise is that when you’re shopping you have to be very mindful of the items you choose. In case we just go out for specific things and end up with a whole set of extra items, we must remind ourselves of what we really wanted in the first place, and to put our needs before of wants.

Secondly, picking up an item that you really like that’s way out of your price range and fitting it is a major mistake. Never fit an item that you know you can’t afford because once you fall in love with it there’s no turning back.

Thirdly, if you have the time ,try to shop around. Of course there are those times when you are in a hurry and you just need something specific and you go out to the closest store to get it. However most of the time you should try not to settle when you’re making purchases.

Lastly, one of the most important thing that any shopper must be aware of when making purchases is the gimmick. Every store has one! Whether it’s the rack that has $10 written big and bold with a minute “and up” in the corner, or the “Buy one get one free” scheme in which the item you purchase has been marked up to such an extent that you’ve already paid for the two items.

So be smart, and remember that your money has sense too!


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