Don’t stand back

Surprised, amazed, outraged, disgusted? Not me!

Anybody living in Barbados for the past week knows that those words relate to the photos of a little boy “wukking up” on a woman that made the rounds on Facebook after Kadooment Day and was then published in the press last weekend.

Actually I would like to add another word — hypocrite.

What that photographer captured and the newspaper highlighted is the end result of something that was years in the making. But we have people who want to point accusing fingers at that media house. The media has a responsibility and truth is part of that responsibility.

I am not defending that newspaper, I can’t speak for them, but I agree — highlight all the “wuflessness” so we can see ourselves and be surprised, amazed, outraged and disgusted. Maybe it might cause us to change.

By now everybody knows I love the Crop-Over Festival, and that I believe the church should be involved, for that very reason — to come out and share in the cultural experience and set a better example.

But in all honesty I really cannot blame Christians for not wanting to get involved because they do not want to be associated with the type of lewd behaviour we see being portrayed.

I can appreciate that.

But the church must get involved, it is clear we cannot afford to stand back and allow anything to happen.

I didn’t get much further than here with this column when the Minister of Education made his robust and what I think to be very timely remarks about the picture in question, so I’m going to add him.

But in all honesty a few years ago I jumped in Jones’ corner when he promised to stamp out the lewd lyrics at Crop-Over and that was all I heard from him on that issue, a promise.

Nonetheless, the minister is right. But I don’t agree with him crawling into his corner and enjoying his life because that is where the problem multiplies.

We have thousands of Barbadians who know better and the majority of them keep quiet. We cannot afford for the people who know better to just clam up and keep quiet. I have a friend who holds that there is a special place in hell, right beside the furnace, for all the people, especially Christians, who know better and just keep quiet.

I heard people calling for the adults in the picture to be jailed; fined and confined — so you hurt their pockets and also embarrass them, one person said. But what will that do?

There is a process that has to be followed and I find it amusing that we don’t want to talk openly about certain high profile cases but we get so agitated that we hypocritically and conveniently support “Trial by Media” while vilifying another media house for showing the truth — “wufless” and ignorant pockets that still exist in this 98 per cent literate society.

We live in a society that encourage young and old to get educated. Because we have a few behaving like animals does not mean we have to react barbarically. We always talk a good game, but we need to stop reacting and begin acting in the interest of promoting a meaningful society.

This thing is a minority issue because the majority are cowards. Cowards who see children doing drugs, having sex, and turn a blind eye. Cowards who can’t tell children no and set a proper moral example because we don’t want to offend. Cowards who allow the television and video games to raise their children. Cowards who laugh or ignore ‘Jones and Wuk up’, ‘Pat and Crank’, ‘6:30’. Cowards who are so hypocritical they have compromised their own moral position.

What was captured in the photo is not new. A few years ago there was a very similar picture taken at UWI Cave Hill campus’ carnival.

Now is the time for us to stop the foolish talk and take stock of all that is going on around and with us and devise a programme to get us back on the right track and stop living like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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