Tech isn’t everything

Have you ever stopped to wonder what life was like 20 or 25 years ago before there were laptops, BlackBerry, high speed Internet and other gadgets that make our lives so much easier? I surely do.

The introduction of the BlackBerry, high speed Internet, and even the laptop has made communicating with others so much easier.

Once upon a time, to reach someone overseas, you would have had to pick up a landline or write a letter, but with the introduction of software like Skype our loved ones are just a click away. Having a laptop is so much easier as you are not confined to a desk and table in one particular location — you can use it anywhere.

In saying these things, we have gained so much and lost as well. Have you ever gone to dinner or a lime and looked around and saw almost everyone had their face down looking at their phone? I surely have.

In gaining technology we have lost our socialising skills. Everyone is so caught up with what they are reading or saying to someone else they have ignored the one sitting beside them. We are so caught up with the BlackBerry that if we forget it at home we turn around and go back for it or we are lost without it during the day.

Please do not get me wrong, I love having a BlackBerry where all of my emails can be seen no matter where I am, instead of having to access my laptop all the time, but I do miss casual conversations.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone on your BlackBerry and something you said was taken out of context? You may wonder to yourself why this has happened and maybe because you were unable to explain what you meant and the person got offended. To avoid this occurring again, just remember that all conversations are not suitable for the BlackBerry. I also have come to the realisation that I am forgetting how to spell some words, as the English language and the language of the BlackBerry are different.

When was the last time you walked through your neighbourhood and saw fathers playing with their sons or mothers with their daughters? If you take a sneak peek into someone’s home you may find the children either on the laptop or playing video games while the parents or either talking on the telephone or doing household chores. Where has our family life gone too? The skills needed to develop successful individuals cannot be taught by video games and other gadgets.

With the blink of an eye we can see that if we are not careful we won’t be able to keep up with the latest technology. Always remember that a cell phone or a computer cannot operate without you so you have the control of how much you use them. Lift your head up and enjoy what the world has to offer outside of technology. You may be amazed with what you were missing!

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