Stuart beaten, but not daunted

Mixed Martial Arts fighter Renaldo Stuart

by Marissa Lindsay

Barbadian Mixed Martial Arts fighter Renaldo Stuart is back home after competing in the United States Virgin Islands where he was defeated at the hands of United States Virgin Islands’ fighter Aaron Sifflet.

However, the MMA fighter said despite losing his first ever cage fight, he was glad for the experience in what he thought was a well-organised tournament.

“I am very glad for the experience. It was pretty okay despite my defeat. The tournament was set up really professionally like the UFC, so I am very thankful for the opportunity to go to the USVI,” Stuart told Barbados TODAY.

The Barbadian MMA fighter explained how he was defeated by his rival Sifflet, who was one of the United States most experienced cage fighters.

“Sifflet showed up late for the fight but, as soon as he arrived, the fight went down and two minutes into the fight I received a round-house kick from him which I blocked but he followed it through with a superman punch which I did not see until last minute and the punch had me dazed for a bit. Sifflet then put me in a guillotine choke and I don’t know what happened from there because I was choked out,” he said.

Stuart, who hails from St George, said he regretted not doing much better in his fight after putting in so much hard work over the past months, but he assured that he would be back and has his eyes set on St. Croix where there is supposed to be another upcoming fight in December. He added that once he got an invitation, he would be looking to redeem himself.

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