Don't stop now Ronnie!

By Adonijah

Dear Ronnie Announcer Clarke, I know you have gone public with your decision to quit the kaiso competition following your 10th place in the finals.

We had a long conversation after you told me, before you went public, what your decision was. I respect that decision, since you are a big man, but there are some things I need to tell you, my brother, and I’m doing it publicly.

As Romeo told me the morning after the finals, don’t let “them” make you doubt yourself, man. I told you last year, Calypso Bully is the best calypso satire I have ever heard, and that includes all the Trini songs you can think bout. The performance of that song was absolutely brilliant and, coupled with Everybody Loves Chris, it should have seen you in the top three, for sure.

This year, Barbados Today and Botsytheology were again two very good songs and your placing is a bare joke. You don’t have to tell me about the pain you feel when you know you have been wronged. Believe me, I have been living that experience for 31 years.

What keeps me strong, Ronnie, is knowing why I came into kaiso. It was always about the people and never about the judges. If I remove my voice it will make some people happy, I know, and the same is true of you. You know what, though? For me, dat en gine work. I dey wid de people as long as the Father gives me voice.

The most important thing I have to tell you, Nobby, (I could call you Nobby?) is that I know that you know, as a Christian, that one should not expect justice from man. When it comes, celebrate. However, mortal man often wallows in wickedness and injustice is his banner. Don’t expect justice, Ronnie! We both know whom to look to for justice. You call him Jesus, I call him Jah Rastafari.

We are soldiers in the battle against injustice, Ronnie, and soldiers often fall in the battlefield. Whenever victory is won, though, it is because of the fight put up by those soldiers who have now fallen. We would all love to taste the sweetness of justice but wise people know that pleasure often falls to those who survive.

Like me, Ronnie, I suspect that you did not choose this; it chose you. The Most High gives certain talents to certain people and we must always remember the story of those who wasted their talents. I know that you have said you can find other ways to reach the people but we both honestly know that nothing equates to the semifinals and final stages, when you come and reason with your people, as the Most High intended.

Don’t let “them” stop you, Ronnie. They did not give you your talent; remember who did.

Don’ dun!

One Love


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