New party receiving positive response

Speaking with woman and a boy on the trail.

by Donna Sealy

Election date or no election date, the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance has been out in the field.

Founder, President and candidate for St. Peter, Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury was out in Indian Ground and Four Hill, St. Peter on Saturday meeting residents.

He told Barbados TODAY that he went to those areas where he grew up and the response was “fantastic, phenomenal”.

What he also heard were complaints from the residents one of whom said that the assistance promised to householders affected by Tropical Storm Tomas was not forthcoming.

“A lot of individuals are saying that the representation they have been receiving, is not good at all. They’re hardly seeing Haynesley Benn, they don’t see Owen Arthur. The area is undeveloped and nothing is being done in terms of the road. There is one particular housing project that is in Four Hill, and one of the ladies said that a number of individuals in the area were promised homes and none of them to date received houses in St. Peter.

“The consensus as we moved around and spoke to different individuals, they’re really disoriented and disenchanted with the performance of both of the political parties,” he said.

Scantlebury said he did not make any promised and instead shared the plans that the political party had for the area.

“I told them we would be working with them to come up with ideas on how we can go about implementing those plans because what we want to do is to work with the people so that they would help themselves. Instead of making promises to them we want them to tell us what’s going on, what they think should happen and how to go about actually making it happen. It’s going to be a package where we’re going to be working with the people to put things together for them,” he said.

Yesterday he was on the trail in Diamond Corner, Castle, Moore Hill, The Mount, Boscobelle, and Gays. He was also in Speightstown about two weeks ago.

“Our campaigning is gaining momentum. We have up to 10 candidates and we’re still moving towards gaining more, but there is the fear of victimisation because many of them work in government or would have been in positions that were created for them by Government, but they are still not happy with the ways things are being run,” Scantlebury stated.

He further noted that New Barbados Kingdom Alliance had “started with a bang” and had been “accepted in the homes of many people who are saying Barbados needs a change”.

“The consensus is that it makes no sense changing from one pair of shoes to another when all two pairs are giving you corns; it is time to try something new. Broken promises, improper representation, the high cost of living, unemployment, housing, social and moral decay, crime and no involvement in their government have left the populace distraught and frustrated. The fact that the electorate do not see their representative until election time is a major topic,” Scantlebury said.

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