Keeping legacy alive

Deputy Chairman Bertie Hinds and Principal Vincent Fergusson share a table with the Governor General.

The Coleridge and Parry School has achieved phenomenal greatness that should never be lost.

That was the description and advice of old scholar, Sir Hilary Beckles, as he addressed the school’s 60th anniversary ball at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre last Saturday night.

In a comment directed at Principal Vincent Fergusson, before a distinguished audience that included Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave, also an old scholar, Sir Hilary, the Principal of the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies, said: “You are the custodian of a phenomenal institution.

“When an institution has achieved excellence, it should never ever lose excellence. We have to protect the CP product. We have a legacy, we have a great history…; just look around the room and see the returns from the investment that has been made in us.

“I pay tribute to all of you who travelled to CP before my time … all of you who laid the foundation for us, and those of you who have come after our time we hope you recognise the baton that has been passed to you.”

To an audience that included scores of Coleridge and Parry alumni, including St. Lucy Member of Parliament Denis Kellman, Minister of Industry Senator Haynesley Benn, Barbados High Commissioner to Canada Evelyn Greaves and former principal Alwin Adams, Sir Hilary added:

“The Swiss will tell you that for 700 years they have been making the best time pieces in the world; for 700 years they ranked themselves as the best makers of clocks and watches in the world and it is their intention as a culture to do this until Christ comes back for his world.

“I admire that. I admire any institution which says, “We have achieved it and we will never, ever lose it!’ So let us say as the CP community, we have looked at our legacy, we know what we have achieved, we know what we stand for and we must never, ever, ever lose it!”

During the near four-hour ceremony that was blessed by old scholar, retired Anglican Bishop Rufus Brome, and to which guests were welcomed by Principal Fergussion and Deputy chairman of the Coleridge and Parry Board of Management Bertie Hinds (Deputy Commissioner of Police) entertainment was provided by the Coleridge and Parry Band and ACE Dance Centre.

Old Scholar, Professor Curwen Best delivered the feature address, while various toasts were given by former Acting Principal Hugh Thompson, Lord Mayor of Harringey in the United Kingdom Eddie Griffith, Lloyd Austin, Bentley Gibbs, Norman Yearwood, Nicole Alleyne, David Bynoe and the current headboy and headgirl of the school. (RRM)

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