Camp Survival

It is officially over! The six weeks of fun, new skills, new opportunities, and places to explore added to making new friends and rekindling old came to an end on August 10 with the closing ceremony of Camp Survival 101.

Parents, family and friends gathered for the final time to close the engerising summer experience with performances by all the campers, a report by Camp Coordinator Wanda Reid-Beckles and the presentation of certificates and gifts to campers, counsellors and facilitators.

The evening was officially opened with a welcome by the four-to-six and seven-to-nine age groups. This immediately demanded the attention of the audience, who paid full attention to every activity being presented. Hosted by Girl Guides Odessa David, who also lead the prayer, Chavonne Bowen and Akila Cummins, who also did the official vote of thanks, the programme highlighted the performing arts skills learned during the six week period.

Parents were treated by the four-to-six age group to a “bells” rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and a line dance presentation that caused an eruption of applause showing great appreciation for their effort. From comments heard, some parents were surprised that their children were able to successfully learn and perform with confidence at their young age.

Not to be left behind the seven- to nine-year-olds performed Joyful Joyful on the recorder and line danced to the popular song Moves Like Jaggar. The ten-plus age group also performed the recorder piece Welcome the Morning Sun. The music programme was tutored by musician and music teacher Davian Alleyne. The music programme this year saw students learning to play by reading musical notes and its effectiveness was seen when some of the campers played the song Joyful Joyful on steelpan on their visit to this year’s BIDC Pelican Dooflicky.

In her report Camp Coordinator, Reid-Beckles said that it was a successful summer and the campers were engaged in activities ranging from outdoor cooking and baking, experimental sponge gardening, the dye and cushion making, creating towel holders and other usable items from discarded items including broken clothes pegs, some of which could be seen in the displays around the room.

Campers were introduced to the need to recycle and reuse items as part of their commitment to saving their environment and they were introduced to the Girl Guides association CORE centre where they placed their discarded plastic and bottle containers.

Acknowledging the support of the young counsellors Skylar Gill, Rhianne Gill, Khadijah Gamble, Akilah Cummins, Odessa David and Chavonne Bowen and facilitators Pauline David Forte, Dionne Forde, Dale Payne, Sandra Clarke-Phillips, Darlene Phillips and Assistant Coordinator Ruth Sargeant, the Camp Coordinator also spoke highly of the support given by the Association’s Caretaker, Hamilton Scott who again this year lended his support in many activities. She noted that it was a team effort that ensured the success of the 2012 camp.

Reid-Beckles also acknowledged the continued support of the Division of Youth Affairs and the partnerships of the Royal Barbados Police Force, the Barbados Public Workers Credit Union, the Barbados Fire Service, the Caribbean Healthy Lifestyle Programme, the Youth Development Programme of the Division of Youth and the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme in the delivery of a holistic programme that advanced the goals of the Girl Guides Association of Barbados for the annual summer camp.

In her remarks on behalf of the Girl Guides Association of Barbados, District Commissioner and Guide Guider, Roseanne Batson-Durant thanked the parents for allowing the Association to provide structured interactive care for their children over the six weeks. She noted that the association is committed to the development of young people and she witnessed holistic learning at the camp.

She added that it was important for parents and care givers to ensure that their charges were positively engaged and encouraged them to keep supporting their children in holistic activities.

Special gifts were presented compliments the camp and the Barbados Public Workers Credit Union to all campers, counsellors and facilitators along with certificates marking their participation in the 2012 camp.

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