After all the hard work which led these Queen’s College students to earn 2012 Barbados Scholarships, they can now bask in their achievements. From left to right: Giselle Francis, Lee-Ann Briggs, Chelsea Dean, Jamila Jones and

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  1. Tony Webster August 12, 2012 at 6:23 am

    Why do I trust these wonderful young people with securing the future of our country, instead of “other people” for whom I dutifully vote , time after weary time? To be fair, I am quite sure that these “other people” also left their own Alma Maters and places of higher learning, with faces equally radiant and shining with hope…but more often than not, many are transformed by the mischief of human foibles, into mere parodies of out trust. May the Good Lord at least allow these rising young people to be aware of how much we depend upon them, to rise above the mediocrity that is now commonplace in our country. Yes, even unto Miss Chelsea Dean, whose maternal grandfather is a dear friend of mine, and whose cup of happiness overfloweth muchly!


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