No regular doctor

Ade Waterman

Winning a Barbados Scholarship is a bit surreal for Ade Waterman.

The 18 year-old Harrison College scholar who studied and received Grade 1s in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Communication Studies, Caribbean Studies and Environmental Science, will hopefully be off to the University of Leicester in a few months to study medicine.

But he does not want to be a regular doctor, Waterman is thinking about becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon.

“This is basically a person who specialises in surgery of the heart, lungs, anything in the thorax. When I was studying Biology, part of it was the heart and I realised it was amazing that this thing just works on and on and on… I just found it interesting the different valves and everything like that and I’ve also found that in Fifth Form when I did the lungs, the heart stood out to me the most, but that could change down the line,” he said.

Having done an interview at that university earlier this year, he said, he liked the campus and is looking forward to going there, but he will miss home and his parents Anthony Waterman and Althea Payne who was quite excited about her son’s success and made sure he returned the call.

“There will be tears, I guess on everyone’s part and it’s going to be hard and I’ll probably be homesick for a little while but eventually I have to get over it because I will have to study and I will have to do the work,” he said.

The deputy headboy at the Crumpton Street, City school was involved in the Key Club and served on the executive committee as well as on the Caribbean Atlantic District of Key Club International.

“Being in the Key Club helped me with time management because [it] took up so much of my schedule so I had to be able to schedule my school work and the club at the same time as well as being the deputy headboy. I had to balance quite a few things. It also helped me focus. I knew I had to do well in everything I do so it was basically just focus,” he explained.

The former Wesley Hall Junior and Sharon Primary student said that everyone around him was fussy and jumping around him and hugging him, but he was “pretty mellow about it”.

He disclosed he did not expect to do so well in his exams at all.

“I expected 2s in Biology and Maths. I found out [about his scholarship] in a store and I literally bounced off the walls, I hit into the wall and I was keeping so much noise and people came out of nowhere asking what was going on and I guess I was breathless, it was amazing and I settled down and it washed over me. It feels surreal to be honest,” Waterman added.

He also said he had been checking Barbados TODAY from Monday to see if the list of scholars and exhibition winners had been announced.

Ade said for his chosen profession he would need steady hands and a steady head and noted now was not the time to be fickle about his future. (DS)

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