Mother Nature’s friend

Angelica Catling

Angelica Catling will tell anyone she is passionate about the environment. In fact, she wants to be able to use her skills as a civil engineer in the future to help Barbados implement methods of sustainable living.

And as one of the 2012 Scholars from the Queen’s College School with passes in Chemistry, Biology, Pure Mathematics, Environmental Science, Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies, she is now hoping to go off to study Civil Engineering at the Louborough University in England.

“I like the environment. From civil you can branch off into environmental engineering and I just think that in that field I can help my community better with sustainable living and just helping by building better houses and incorporating using the resources wisely and sustainably,” said the 18-year-old scholar.

Noting that she believed so many of her colleagues in the sciences received scholarships because of the excellent Science Department at her school, Catling added: “Sciences is the foundation for almost everything. You can pick up another subject outside of school, that’s how we look at it and Queen’s College has a really good science department. I like it. I really like it.”

The young woman who has done technical drawing and metal work, along with chemical engineering and technology along the way, said the science teachers were responsible for pushing the classes to excel.

“They know the expectations when you get into university are really high for sciences. So I think because of the fields we want to go into, like doctor or engineer or whatever, you know you have to be real determined. So sciences motivate you a lot, so I guess that is why most of us are scholars from the science department.”

She admitted she was not one for sports, but she loves community work and has been part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, the Sunday School department at St. Ann’s Church, the St. John’s Youth Deanery Council and also did voice training with Norma Bowen on weekend. But she laughed that all of this was just a matter of balancing, which she said, “is not hard”. (LB)

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