Always the scholar

Chelsea Dane

From first form when Chelsea Deane entered Queen’s College and learnt what it meant to win a Barbados Scholarship, she wanted one.

So when the names of the 24 scholars were announced today and she was among them, it was simply a dream come true for the 18 year old who studied Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies.

“I wanted it because once I found out what a scholarship was and that it was an award of excellence, I found that out in first form and I just went all out for it. I knew I wanted it so I was working really hard for it.”

And she said the drive was not because she already has four scholarship winners in her family, two on her mother’s side and two in dad’s family.

In fact, all the pressure to be successful so she could go on to study medicine, came from within. Medicine, she added, was something she realised she wanted to spend the rest of her life learning because she just could not learn enough about the human body.

“I found sciences so much more interesting. The theory, for example biology you get to learn about the reason behind things, you get to learn how the body works and you get to know the chemistry behind it. I could sit down and listen to someone talk about it and just want to know more. I have a passion for it.”

She spent quite a bit of time on academics she said, and when she was not studying, she was doing ballet, jazz or modern dance, something she had done since age four and found to be a good stress reliever. (LB)

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