Whither cricket at UWI?

by Wayne Cadogan

Amid all the problems which have steadily crept into local cricket, especially in our top flight competition, controversy after controversy now seems the order of the day.

There is no reason why this so called gentleman’s sport should have to end up in the law courts to settle frivolous matters year after year for one reason or another. Over the years, there have been one or two teams which are known to have brought the game into dispute due to their ungentlemanly conduct on the field of play. These acts have mainly been for showing dissent against umpires’ decisions, swearing on the field and time-wasting, to name a few.

One of the biggest surprises in the history of our local cricket has been the manner in which the University of the West Indies cricket team has got into the top division. This had sparked a lot of controversy then and still does to this day and will probably be still debated for many years to come, that is, if the game is still played by the next generation at that level.

I would like to know, and so would many others, what are the criteria to make the UWI team. I would like to think that first a player should be a full-time under-graduate student of the University and maintaining a certain grade point average in order to be eligible to play for the team.

Editor’s note: These concerns were submitted as a letter to the editor.


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