The land of opportunity?

For hundreds of years individuals have packed up everything that they owned and shipped themselves off to somewhere they believed would only create a brighter future for them and their families.

Dating back to Emancipation days, which occurred immediately after slavery was abolished, many persons who were unable to get employment, or at least employment that provided sufficient income for them and their families, were known to do such. They would pack up and relocate to some place that appeared to be able to create budding futures for them and their offspring.

Despite the separation from the people they loved and other similar factors, they moved on with the confidence that their families back home would be well taken care of.

However, like every bright idea, there is always the chance of major drawbacks. Many didn’t expect to move hundreds of thousands of miles to meet the same reality they were already experiencing in their hometown. In many cases they went on to meet harsher conditions that caused them to conclude that complete relocation is not always the answer but sometimes staying and trying to combat your challenges and battles is a much better idea.


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