Straight up

The good, bad, & ugly

A lot has happened in Barbados over the past week. Some good – well a lot good – some bad, and some uglier than we would want to admit.

I really would like to deal with the good, but the bad and the ugly has got me at a loss.

I am not going to beat around the bush with this one – I thought school was out, on holiday, summer vacation, longgggggggg vacation. Yet I saw sooooooo many children dressed in uniform on Kadooment Day.

But before I get to the uniforms, the number of little children without adult supervision was alarming — girls and boys, some of whom were drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking.

And this takes me back to the Cavalcade in King George V Memorial Park where a teenage girl was so drunk she passed out. Then a young boy lifted her up like a shopping bag and incurred the wrath of my sister-in-law after he identified himself as her brother. Then the group, of which she was the only girl, left.

Back to Grand Kadooment. We like to give the impression that people use this opportunity to hide behind mask and feathers and get on nasty. But honestly I did not see that.

I saw classy looking people in costumes having a good time, jumping to their favourite tunes and waving at the spectators.

The people trying to have sex with their clothes on were few and far between. But if the majority does one thing and a minority something else, obviously they will stand out.

All in all, costumed revellers were well behaved on the road. Then there were those who came out to have a good time, like the guys sporting only a towel and a bucket, topsie, or big pot to drink from.

But the girls in the “skanky” looking lingerie and the children in next-to-nothing and school uniforms left a lot to be desired.

We have schools like Hilda Skeene Primary turning out some excellent calypsonians annually. I am challenging the schools and the colleges to get involved in Kadooment — Junior and Grand — and show some creativity and class.

I don’t want to give this too much hype because those in school uniforms that were also defaced were less than 75, but that was 75 too many.

We have a culture where negativity mushrooms and becomes the norm or rather the desired activity.

There is a place for the youth in our festival, let us embrace them and encourage them to be in that place, but at the same time let us protect them from themselves and the undesirables.

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