Violent weekend in Antigua

ST JOHN’S — Six stabbings, a shooting and a man struck on the head with an object, are just a few of the reports of violence that kept lawmen and emergency medical personnel busy on Sunday and Monday.

Five of the incidents occurred at Lion’s Den on Sunday while two happened at Carnival City (Antigua Recreation Grounds) during the LIME Party Monarch Competition Saturday, police said. The shooting was committed in Point.

All the victims are male and their attackers reportedly male as well, a police press statement said.

In one incident at Lion’s, a 27-year-old was stabbed in the upper right armpit. According to doctors the deep penetrating injury is life threatening.

The victim’s 29-year-old brother, who was also attacked, was stabbed to the left side of his face and his right hand.

He was treated and discharged from hospital. Meanwhile, a 24-year-old Baker Street man who was standing near the brothers was also injured in the fracas. He was cut on the left side of the head and shoulder. However, according to police, his injuries are not serious.

It is said those three victims were dancing in the crowd when the attacker entered the area and began firing stabs.

In another scissors attack, police reported a 22-year-old Parham resident was rushed to hospital from Lion’s Den after he was stabbed in the left side of his chest.

He was reportedly dancing when he brushed up against another man. He later left the area and was walking to another part of the ground when the man allegedly rushed at him with the scissors and stabbed him in the left chest.

The object nipped the man’s heart and he later underwent emergency surgery. The victim was initially placed in the Intensive Care Unit but was moved onto the general ward on Monday night where he is recovering.

Then, in an unrelated incident at Lion’s Den, police said a 29-year-old Seatons man was injured when he went to the assistance of his younger sibling who was under attack. (Antigua Observer)

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