Teacher: I was just following instructions

The father of a student given a hair cut at the Alexandra School threatened to “four letter word” up the teacher who did the job. Roger Broomes made it clear today, however, that he was simply following an “instruction” from Principal Jeff Broomes. He was speaking today at the Commission of Enquiry into Alexandra heard his evidence at the Wildey Gymnasium, Garfield Sobers Sports Complex. The young man in question had been disciplined by teacher Broomes on more than one occasion, including for being inappropriately dressed while on the street. On another occasion he had also asked the student if he had complied with a directive from the principal to have his hair cut. The teacher said he was in the principal’s office with the 13

year-old student and he was given a scissors by the principal and told to cut the student’s hair, which he did. The witness said later that day he received telephone calls from the young man’s mother and father, who were both upset that he had cut the second former’s hair.

Additionally, teacher Broomes said while walking along Fairfield, St. Michael on February 8 this year he had an encounter with the father. “You cut my son hair, I gun four letter word you up,” he said the parent told him.

“I was given an instruction by the principal… I am not aware that it is an offence. I believed that the instruction which the principal had given to me was a lawful instruction and therefore I carried out the instructions of the principal,” he added. (SC)

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