Stadium overhaul starts Monday


Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley

The long-awaited repairs to the track at the National Stadium should get underway from Monday.

Speaking at the Grantley Adams International Airport on Tuesday just before his departure for London, Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley revealed that the repair works which come with a price tag of $2.5 million, would be done over a four-month period, barring any unforeseen occurrences.

“All things being equal, such as the weather, we expect a completion by the end of December or early January,” he said.

Lashley explained that the scheduling of the repairs would allow the athletic season to go ahead without any disruption. He noted the work was not simply the removal of the top surface and that civil works had to be done because of the problems that would have been caused when the track was previously laid.

“We are not simply re-laying the track, we are going to do some drainage correction, repairs to the bathrooms and other facilities at the stadium and work with the football field, which will necessitate the laying of pipe underneath the field. We are talking about a fairly major disruption of the stadium and that is why we had to ensure that whatever we did would not disrupt the activities.

Lashley insisted that work on the track, which was to have been done last year, had to be delayed because other things had to be done.

“We had to look at the existing angles of the track. The track apparently, years ago, was laid incorrectly in terms of certain critical angles and what that has meant is that you could not record an internationally recorded time at the National Stadium,” he said.

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