Police force better with locals

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams speaks at a news conference yesterday at the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain.

PORT OF SPAIN — The T&T Police Service is best left in the hands of locals.

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams, who officially assumed the portfolio yesterday, however, said he was undecided whether he would apply for the post next year when his acting appointment ends.

Williams made the comment at his first media conference as the top cop, held at the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain.

“I would answer straight forward… I think, yes, it is best left to locals like myself,” he said. “The choice, though, of appointing a commissioner doesn’t rest with me, that would be for the Police Service Commission. But I share the view it is best left for local officers to run the organisation.”

In the same breath, however, Williams saluted the efforts of former commissioner Dwayne Gibbs and his deputy Jack Ewatski, two Canadians who resigned suddenly from their posts on July 26.

“As a nation we need to salute these two officers for their performance, having come from Canada to Trinidad and Tobago and dedicated their time,” he said.

He also strongly defended his promotion, saying he had served the country faithfully for 33 years and believed he had proved himself as an efficient crime fighter. And during that entire period, Williams said, he has not taken a day’s sick leave.

At the end of his five-month tenure which is expected to end of January 31 next year, Williams said he was yet to consider if he would be applying for the post of police commissioner when advertisements are placed by the Police Service Commission.

“I am at the point in the service where you could safely retire and get your pension and move on in life… I would have to make some determination when opportunities come for exploring whether I continue as a police officer into the future,” he said.


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