In the ‘do’

This is how we go down.


It did not take much encouraging for the tourists and other patrons who attended the Pelican Dooflicky today to get in the “do”.

The sweet sounds of the Pompasetters Tuk Band, the warm greetings from the stilt walkers, the quick limbo demonstration seemed to be too much to resist and those who attended the event held at the Pelican Craft Centre, Princess Alice Highway on the outskirts of the City, had a fun time.

And for those tourists who missed out on seeing the colour of the Grand Kadooment costumes on Monday, a group of dancers showed them just what they missed.

The eager patrons also danced in a “congaline”, sampled Bajan made products, interacted with artisans, and participated in mini workshops.

The Pelican Dooflicky was truly a celebration of local craft, art, food and music. (DS)

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