Global Action Theme

WAGGGS’ Global Action Theme is girls worldwide say “Together we can change our world,” which focuses on the Millennium Development Goals. The GAT is an educational programme that everyone can get involved with. There are educational resources, such as the GAT Badge, available for members at national, local and unit level.

The theme encourages girls, young women and members of all ages to make a personal commitment to change the world around them. It also affirms WAGGGS’ commitment to the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.

What are the MDGs?

The United Nations’ eight Millennium Development Goals are eight specific goals to be met by 2015 that aim to combat extreme poverty across the world. These goals were agreed at the UN Millennium Summit in New York in 2000. This was the largest gathering of political world leaders in history.

The Millennium Declaration, adopted by the 189 heads of state and governments, promised to: free all men, women, and children from the abject and dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty

WAGGGS has a history of changing the lives of girls and young women through its projects and activities in local communities.

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting provides enriching experiences for its members, experiences that stay with them for a lifetime. By working on the GAT, WAGGGS and its members of all ages are sowing the seeds of social change for generations to come.

The MDGs address important issues that affect girls, young women and their communities. With only a few years left before 2015, governments, the Millennium Campaign and NGOs recognise that the MDGs are far from being achieved. Members of civil society must work together to hold national governments accountable.

In Barbados

Blossom, Brownie and Guide Units in Barbados have been working on the GAT Badge to build awareness about the Millennium Development Goals and WAGGGS’ participation this world goal. The wide variety of activities allow all ages to learn about the issues while participating in activities.

The GAT and the Food Security and Climate Change badges have engaged the girls during the last year, with special interest in MDG 7 “Save the Planet”, which is the 2012 Thinking Day theme. The girls learned about recycling, creating new toys and items from old or out of use things. They shared clothing, books and other things that they no longer used with others who were willing to use them. They also learned about the GAT theme’s through creating puzzles, researching topics and writing stories.

A presentation ceremony will be held this year to present the world badges to those who successfully completed the GAT and Food and Security badges. Contact Commissioner for the Environment, Gina Belle, or International Commissioner for more information and guidance, Kurlyne Alleyne.

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