Mikey makes history

Mikey has created soca history in Barbados, with four titles for Crop-Over 2012.

With his win this evening claiming the 2012 Tune of the Crop with We Loose, Mikey catapulted himself into history as the first soca man to do so in one year.

At the end of Grand Kadooment today, he officially set himself apart, having previously won the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch titles, as well as the People’s Monarch, all in the space of the final two weeks of the Festival.

What does he have on his mind now, the 29-year-old monarch could only say, “sleep”.

The island’s newest calypso king was screaming on the phone this evening as Barbados TODAY broke the news of yet another win with We Loose, which also won him the Sweet Soca and People’s Monarch titles.

His win today once again put him in front of his season rival Lil’ Rick, who tied with himself for second place with I Like Muhself and Ravers.

But even as Mikey told of having a blast on the road with Power x Four today, he confessed that he was happy but exhausted.

“Sleep. I just want to sleep. I really don’t know what my next move is going to be; ask me that after I sleep,” he said, with his customary good-natured chuckle.

The two-time Road March king said at the time he had not even heard the news that he had succeeded in his bid for a fourth title.

“Oh goodness. This is beautiful. I feel blessed and great. It is history. I just wanted to be a part of history,” he noted, adding that given that the Road March is about what the people want on the road for the day, it was “very ticklish” whether he would have secured another win.

“I cannot say I was confident,” he admitted.

The success, however, fit right in to his hopes after his double win at Bushy Park. At the time the soca singer and part of the Soca Kartel collaboration, had remarked that he was putting all his energy then into focusing on winning the final two crowns of the year.

But for the artiste who has only been singing soca for the last eight years, this history-making season has left him with indescribable feelings.

“I really don’t know how to respond. It is a great feeling to know the pull of the music has worked. We worked really, really, really hard and all of that for the whole season; making sure the marketing was in place; making sure everything was in place. It is a great feeling to see the hard work paid off,” Mikey stated. (LB)

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