Fun in the sun…and rain

The rain and sun played hide and seek with each other today as thousands paraded for Grand Kadooment.

When the day was over, it appeared as if the rain won.

Along Station Hill, crowds of spectators gathered on both sides of the road with umbrellas in hand prepared for either element. Others climbed onto the wall of the District “A” Police Station trying to get a better view and as well shade and shelter from the trees.

Neither the rain nor the scorching sun, however, could stop the revellers determined to have a wonderful time. Trekking in their numbers and adorned in spectacularly coloured costumes; some of the women balanced effortlessly in their five inch heels as they gyrated to the rhythms of Trini and Bajan calypsos and the latest dub tunes.

The men on the other hand had a hard time trying to keep up with the females as some tried, unsuccessfully, to maintain stability as they balanced on the women’s buttocks.

By the splendour of the physics of the females in various costume bands, it can be said that Barbadian, by extension Caribbean, women are appetizing- even more than the diverse smells of mouth watering delights which consumed the atmosphere.

They were sno-cones, fruit salads, fruit ice and plenty of ackees but most of the more delicious smells along the route originated at the junction of Station Hill and Savannah Road where the Together Social Group held their annual lime.

Local cuisine was in abundance: cakes, sandwiches, pudding and souse, hamcutters, rice and beef stew macaroni pie, fish cakes and various bypass products of sugar cane circulated as the more than 300 people gathered celebrated the last lap of the Crop-Over Festival. (KC)

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