Workshop for local music producers

Local music producers are going to gain coveted theoretical and practical insights from leading music industry experts. This direct interaction will take the form of a hands-on workshop where local producers will sharpen their technical skills, creativity and importantly, learn more about revenue generating opportunities in alternative markets.

Additionally, local artist managers will be offered insight by a highly successful manager who will provide them with tools of the trade. This was made possible through a direct grant from the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries Inc.

The BCSI, in keeping with its mandate of promoting service sector development and service exporting, issued a call for proposals on April 11 2012 from among its membership in order to provide the winning proposal with $30,000 in grant funding. One of the major criteria for members participating in this round was that their project had to speak to both sectoral development and capacity building for trade in services.

After the round of judging by an external panel, the successful organisation was the Copyright Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers Inc., with a project geared to provide local music producers and managers with direct interaction with leading industry experts as a means of capacity building and knowledge transfer.

As stated by Lisa Cummins, executive director of the BCSI: “We are pleased to partner with COSCAP on this initiative. The music industry in Barbados has no dearth of talent, however, what has been missing is deep insight into nuts and bolts of the international music industry by the enablers such as producers and managers.

“We believe that by gaining such knowledge it would be positive step towards our local music realising its economic potential of generating positive trade flows.”

The CEO of COSCAP expressed gratitude on behalf of the organisation’s members for this opportunity and the continued support of the BCSI, stating that they had at least one educational activity annually in areas where further development was necessary but recognised the importance of a practical approach to maximise the transfer of knowledge and sustained utilization of the skills learnt. However, practical workshops tend to be more expensive and so the assistance granted by the BCSI was of tremendous value.

The BCSI is the sole business support organisation in Barbados which is dedicated to representing the interest of the service providers and the services sector. Being a membership based organization the composition is made of a range of stakeholders operating and related to the service sector.

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