Testing time for Powell

Asafa Powell tested for drugs again.

Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell has complained to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after being roused from his sleep for drug testing, the former 100 metres world record holder’s manager said today.

Manager Paul Doyle said Powell, who will run in the 100 metres heats at the London Olympics tomorrow, was woken at 2215 local time last night to undergo the test.

“We love the fact that they are testing but we wish they would be more sensitive to his preparations,” Doyle said.

“Less than 48 hours before his first competition, he lost a very important night’s sleep.”

It was the third time in five days that blood had been drawn from the Jamaican sprinter with a total of seven vials taken, Doyle added.

Doyle said the testing was wearing on Powell mentally.

“He said after the second time that he was too weak to train.”

Doyle said that he, a Jamaican team leader and a team doctor, had talked to doping control officials before Powell was tested and the IOC had been called.

“The IOC said: ‘We understand but he still has to do the test’,” Doyle said.

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