Prove it

Dr. Denis Lowe.

Opposition Senator Kerrie Symmonds wants Government to demonstrate that no laws were broken when it turned over lands at Bagatelle to a private firm for the operation of a landfill.

Symmonds issued a challenge to Minister of the Environment Dr. Denis Lowe yesterday, in a follow up to an earlier call for transparency on the transaction.

Symmonds issued a call for Lowe to “produce within 24 hours any licence which was granted for the use of the lands at Bagatelle and to state the purpose for which the licence was issued, to whom the licence was issued, and the date of the said licence”.

He noted that the only other way in which Government owned land could be exchanged was by the approval of the Parliament of Barbados under the Crown Lands Vesting and Disposal Act Cap. 225 of the Laws of Barbados and such parliamentary approval had not taken place.

In the absence of the production of the relevant licence, Symmonds said, “I am calling on the Minister of the Environment to tender his resignation forthwith.”

On Tuesday Symmonds issued a public call for the Government to state whether an Environmental Impact Assessment had been conducted and presented to the

Cabinet of Barbados prior to Cabinet’s approval of the “transfer” of the Government’s Metal Waste Disposal Facility at Bagatelle to a private company.

This was after the Chief Town Planner issued a “stop order” on work at the same facility on August 1.

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