Music and comedy

Gorg impressing this patron on stage.

Hundreds braved the inclement weather last night for the annual Bacchanal Time vs D’ Best of Crop-Over show at the Wildey Gynmasium.

Under the cover of a secure roof and with music pumping, the audience was treated to music and comedy as Bacchanal Time mates including Alison Hinds, Timmy and Peter Ram faced off against Crop-Over headliners like Mikey, Lil Rick, and Blood.

The Bacchanal crew had the audience screaming and jumping out of their seats at times to some very funny Bajan skits, while Timmy and other crew members turned up the heat and got the audience riled for more.

So hot was the atmosphere, that the rags came out waving and even mopping some brows, as those on the grounds left their seats to wine with Mikey or just jump up and get on bad to Lil Rick’s many hits.

It was quite a sight when Mikey and MC Kevin Hinds hit the stage to perform We Loose, much to the surprise and enjoyment of those on hand.

At the end of the evening, it was definitely a case of no rain can stop this jam, and the crowd partied well into the night, with not a care for the showers threatening on the outside. (LB)

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