Invested in crime fight

Scotia’s Skip Bates presents cheque to Crime Stoppers’ Oral Reid.

There are outstanding dividends to be reaped from investments in Crime Stoppers Barbados.

President and Chairman of Scotiabank (Barbados) Foundation Inc, Skip Bates, said any contribution that helps to secure the peace of mind and comfort of individual citizens and businesses also contributed to that nation’s stability.

That, he added, is part of the unique contribution Crime Stoppers Barbados Inc has made here and a key reason why Scotiabank continues to extend support.

Since 2008, Scotiabank has contributed over $50,000 to the organisation as it works to put a dent in crime statistics.

“The work of Crime Stoppers Barbados Inc. aligns with SBFI’s desire to contribute to strengthening Barbados’ social fabric. Left unchecked, crime can disrupt society at every level and erode the gains made over time. For example, the island’s reputation and our ability to attract foreign direct investment hinge in no small measure on Barbados’ stability.

“Low crime statistics contribute to a world view of Barbados as a stable jurisdiction in which to do business. Scotiabank Foundation therefore sees tremendous value in putting our support behind Crime Stoppers and we are satisfied that the organisation and its leadership have worked assiduously to stem criminal activity here.”

Bates was speaking as he handed over the SBFI’s most recent financial contribution to Crime Stoppers Chairman Oral Reid. In accepting, Reid said that with Scotiabank’s support over the years, Crime Stoppers Barbados was able to improve the awareness of the programme in the wider community and that the funds which were being received now would be used to enhance CSB’s outreach to the business community and their employees.

Reid added: “We have recognised that we have a critical role to play in crime prevention and in this regard have developed a number of initiatives designed to reduce the incidence of theft, fraud and corruption in the workplace.

“Once these are addressed, they will redound to immediate improvements on the bottom line of organisations. I therefore express sincere gratitude to Scotiabank for standing side by side with us and I encourage other organisations to join with us to help make Barbados and our region as crime free as possible.”

For the past four years, tipsters in Barbados have supported the work of the Royal Barbados Police Force, reporting in excess of 940 tips. From these tips, 60 persons have been arrested and charged and 104 cases solved. Currently, tipsters are rewarded through Scotiabank and Crime Stoppers is justifiably proud of its record that, in its 36-year history globally, no tipster has ever been compromised.

Persons wishing to report offences anonymously may do so through the use of the toll-free line 1 (800) 8477 and website

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