Royale review

I didn’t go to Soca Royale on Sunday, not because I don’t appreciate those musical offerings.

I just didn’t think it was such a good idea to take so much sun so close to Friday. As it turned out, I would have got wet which would have been worse. I enjoyed it from the comfort of my bed which was a much better deal.

Truth to tell, I did not particularly enjoy the show, except in spots. I find that the sweetest of the sweet soca songs were not there, starting with Bounce Around and Undecided. I like We Loose, Mikey’s winner, although I really do prefer Rick’s Ah Like Muhself. As for Party Monarch, I met Mikey about two weeks ago at Starcom and told him that nothing could beat No Behaveya. It’s the sweetest fast song out there as far as I’m concerned, and it came out on top, deservedly.

I could not believe how packed the place was by the end of the show. Big up yaselves, people; you enjoyed yourselves with scarcely any problems security-wise. That’s very commendable.

I must say I was not happy with Rick’s walking offstage at the end. I more than many understand well disappointment in competition but you’ve got to set an example for the young ones. You would not want them to think that is the way to react to losing, no matter how good you think you were.

At the same time I have to take to task the media who reported that he “stormed off stage”. I saw it on TV and that is definitely not true. Storming off a stage is going off pelting bout yuh hands and letting go some pips. That is not what I saw on TV, by any means.

It is true that this is not the first time Rick has showed dissent, and he needs to stop it. Still, we should remember what we say about giving a dog a bad name. This time it was the Hypa Dawg.

Nuff congrats to double winner Mikey who is now a three-car man, as distinct from a three-card man. Maximum respect too to Biggie Irie for announcing this was his last year in competition, as he realised the same people were appearing year after year and he was making room for a newcomer. It takes a big man fuh real to take that step; big up, Biggie!

I hope next year the format for selection in the Sweet Soca is changed and that never again will we see artistes singing to tracks at a national competition. Surely we’ve gone past that.

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