Police caution band crashers

Zero tolerance!

That will be the stance of police officers when unauthorised persons join bands during Foreday Mornin’s Jam or Grand Kadooment.

Police public relations officer, Inspector David Welch said: “There are a number of persons who enter bands of which they are not members. Such entry into a band is deemed unlawful. A person who is not a member of a band or who is not a person authorised to be in that band shall not enter a band without permission.

“Any person who:

a. Unlawfully enters a band after having been forbidden to do so by an authorised person; or

b. Uses threatening or abusive words or behaviour or engages in disorderly behaviour likely to constitute harassment or cause alarm or distress to any member of the band for the purpose of securing entry into the band either for himself or for any other person; or

c. Fails to leave the band after he has been directed to do so by an authorised person, is guilty of an offence.

“A person who is guilty of an offence … is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $5,000 or to imprisonment for four months or to both.”

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