I doan care

by Adrian Clarke

Down to the wire

It is coming down to the wire and there is just this weekend to go and then — Spring Garden here we come for the finale! I must admit that I was not much into the season but as it starts to trickle down I am trying to enjoy what is left.

Congrats to Mikey! Well done to you and your team. Also to Hit Rick, Mr. Crop-Over himself, you have done very well and should keep your head up. I should be trying to take a piece of the action next year if health allows and the hip can take the pressure.

I also want to ask Ian Webster to have my bet covered in full by Friday. I called all positions revealed for both competitions. It’s a pity I can’t do it for Friday coming but I know how I would love to see it go.

I am trying to do my best not to write much on the various things making headlines here so far. I don’t want to give my competitors ammo to blow me away come Friday. What I will do though is just take a little peek at a few of the things going on.

I cannot resist the Alexander probe. I guess you all are aware of it all so I need not get into the things said by the ones giving testimony, but for me the comedy is watching Mr. Broomes. I am dying at the way he made the sign of the cross during Leslie Lett’s testimony. The other part of it all is how he is seen twitching as person after person seems to paint a rather dismal picture of him. He is starting to look very uncomfortable and might be twitching at the fact that he cannot respond as they bury him in the presence of the commission.

I recently spoke to a teacher from the school and she is very surprised at some of the things being revealed. Some of these things they never really knew. Not that they don’t believe them but they are shock that they are now coming to the fore. I just can’t wait to hear Mr. Broomes response to this testimony.

I will still say that it is sad that things had to come to such a point and a very expensive one too. I am still paused at the figure quoted to carry out such an inquiry. I can’t begin to even think of the figures being paid out to the legal teams. I seem to have taken up the wrong profession. Some people will not work for a percentage of that money in years to come.

I am not knocking a boy for making some money but I will continue to ask if in these times as we are facing a government should praise spending such a figure in a situation I believe should and could have been nipped long ago. Too much red tape is about and too much lip service too.

I know there are laws and they are leaders, but you mean to tell me that anyone in a leadership role above the rest of the Alexander administration and unions could not see a way to stop what I term as a cancer from spreading and becoming a national debt and disaster? There must be some other way besides spending so much money and making other people’s bank account fat. I am not any expert but that is my view on it.

Let bygones be bygones

We have been hearing over the last few days after semi finals who should and shouldn’t have made it. We all know most of the time we have our favourites and we tend not to listen to what they sing but to who is singing. They could sing Three Blind Mice it would sound like a gem of a tune to them.

What I take issue with is the ones who criticise but cannot offer a solution. My good friend John King was heard tearing down and up every song on semi finals. To him I say get out the commentator’s chair and get on the performers’ stage. That is where you belong. You are way too talented to be talking rubbish where you could be singing some sweet songs instead.

Okay! So you may feel a bit disgruntled over past results; let bygones be bygones and deal with the matter at hand. I believe the entertainment scene needs a John King. The scene is robbed of such talent when you don’t sing. If you are not competing at least sing a tune and show us who you have criticised how to do it. That’s how I would have done it if I were John.

On another hand a man has a right to his own opinion but please give some sort of explanation when you dissect a performance and or performer. That too goes for the talentless and confused ones who pretend to know what calypso is and rendition and song writing is.

Some are posing as experts behind entertainment columns and really should be commenting on paint drying as they are very off the mark with some of their comments. They should try staying away from entertainment columns and poisoning the public’s minds with distant facts. Most of you don’t merit what you are assigned to write on.

I want to wish all contestants the best on Friday and I am praying that the rain does not show up as is expected. Let’s all go and have a great time and may the best person come to the top at the end of it all. Best wishes to Cave Shepherd All Stars. The Eager Seven is now down to a Fabulous Five, so we will see what the judges think after it all.

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