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Why do that?

Crop-Over is on its last lap and I hope all of you have at least taken in one festival activity. After attending some Crop-Over events there are a few things that I still do not understand.

I am not sure if I am the only one who realises this but why is it that every time you are at a fete people are constantly moving around. It can be so annoying sometimes when you are dancing and enjoying yourself and every couple of minutes someone is passing in front of you and if you are observant you will realise that most of the time it is the same individuals who are constantly moving.

I have been to other fetes in the Caribbean and to be honest this happens more frequently in Barbados. When I go out to party, I go to the bathroom and buy my drink so that I can stay in one position and enjoy the night. I guess everyone is different.

Why wear heels?

Another thing I am at lost with is why women go to fetes in heels when they know they will have to stand up for long periods. Look at their feet a couple of hours later and you will realise their shoes are off. Are they not afraid that they can catch something while standing barefoot on the ground? Why would anyone go to a fete with heels on is beyond me. I guess it is style over comfort.

While following the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions I honestly would like someone to explain to me the judging system. Why should competitions like those only have five points allotted for crowd participation and ten points for presentation? I honestly sympathise with those artistes who spend thousands and thousands of dollars for presentation and sometimes even if they place in the top three they do not get back half of what they have spent. I could understand using that same judging system with the tents but not on the day of the competition. How do you feel Super Blue won in Trinidad so many times”. It was not solely based on lyrics and melody.

Worth looking into

I am an avid lover of soca and our Crop-Over Festival, but honestly, I believe some things need to be looked at. In attending the Pic-O-De-Crop semifinals when listening to the MC call out the judges I heard a familiar name that has been judging for years. I will never cry down anyone’s accomplishments or qualifications but aren’t there other qualified persons here in Barbados who can judge as well? I believe that after a couple of years at any event whether it be Crop-Over, pageantry or anything that requires judging after a time all judges should be changed.

By the time I speak to you again Crop-Over 2012 will be over and I will be celebrating my birthday. Have a safe and enjoyable Kadooment Day and most of all a wonderful weekend ahead!!

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