Apparent rift at school

There are “forces” in play at the Alexandra School and the presence of a rift at the school is very apparent. That’s what Chemistry teacher Dwayne Bryan said today.

Bryan, once a member of the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union, and who took part in previous industrial action involving teachers at the school represented by the union, said the situation there was so bad that, “I could feel tension everyday that I walked to school”.

Making it clear he was trying to maintain the middle ground and therefore had always made it clear he was not neither on the side of Principal Jeff Broomes nor a number of long-standing senior teachers thought to be against him, the teacher said there were “forces” about at Alexandra’s St. Peter compound.

He was responding to questions from BSTU counsel Hal Gollop, who repeatedly suggested to the teacher that he was a supporter of Broomes, with Bryan denying the claim each time it was put to him.

He told Commissioner Frederick Waterman that on joining Alexandra’s staff seven years ago he received “warnings from certain persons” about “the old scholars at the school and the principal” but decided not to get involved.

“I am suggesting to you that you took up Mr. Broomes’ fire rage from the very beginning,” Gollop told him.

The witness responded: “I don’t take up fire rage because I teach students and if you act in that manner it hampers people and it destroys personalities and emotions – you cannot do that. As a teacher you have to learn to control your emotions and you need to be as impartial as possible.”

“The things that happened at the school based on certain actions, the forces that are about at the school. Usually when things happened or decisions are made there are then forces that I see acting, and you see things happening, and you see people behaving in different manner, I experience situations that sometimes are uncalled for.

“So these seem to be forces that are actually acting and playing a role in maneuvering and creating circumstances, I call them forces. I might be a bit religious, but I like to use the word forces,” he said.(SC)

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