What spectacle?

A family fun day.

by Kimberley Cummins

The Soca Royale Pre-Show was an epic failure.

Last year, this same segment was called Soca Wonders; and it saw the likes of veteran calypsonians Poonka, Adonijah, Director, De Devil, Speedy, Bongo, Observer, Serenader and even Sunday’s MC, Mac Fingall, go back in time to perform some of the biggest hits.

This was a big success with the crowd who were visibly pleased with the performances.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY ahead of Sunday’s show, event coordinator, AJA promised that while Soca Wonders would not be repeated this year, the standard of the 2012 pre-show would remain or even surpass that of 2011. It would be “spectacular”, he said.

However, based on the reaction or lack thereof, of the thousands which attended the event at Bushy Park in St. Philip two days ago, they are still waiting for the spectacle because what was presented was a flop. There were only three performances; the Mosaic Steel Band, Double Laughs and comedian Trevor Eastmond — none of whom could be blamed for the lack of response from the audience; it was simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Before the ultimate showdown of the Party Monarch and Sweet Soca competitions, Mosaic was entertained from the trailers of a truck that drove up and down in the calypso bowl. Rendering songs like: Bump n Wine by Spice & Co., Red Plastic Bag’s Once Upon A Wine, Ras Iley’s Spring Garden on Fire among others, they were dynamic. Until they reappeared to perform another half an hour set, though still good musically, patrons had already begun to get frustrated — they wanted the show started and not another Pan Pun the Sand without the intrigue of Brandon’s Beach.

Double Laughs, featuring Yolanda Holder and Jennifer Walker, is always entertaining but their skit was too long for the Bushy Park crowd who did not appear interested and unappreciative of the message they were delivering.

Eastmond’s dynamite got wet by the few drizzles that passed over the park Sunbday and it frizzled — Barbadians have seen better days from him. The National Cultural Foundation dubbed their events as family oriented so one would not be surprised if we did not see him on another card. His 12 minute set was filled with mainly sexual and suggestive jokes. Obviously, with the many children at the show it was inappropriate, plus they just were not funny. Experiencing a few technical difficulties while telling a tale about the police, he continued to give other old “Internet” jokes.

The close to three-hour long show was closed by a 45 minutes session by DJ Kashi. kimberleycummins@barbadostoday.bb

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