The battle continues

Commissioner Darwin Dottin and Attorney Leslie Haynes.

The case involving a series of contentious promotions within the Royal Barbados Police Force has been adjourned until next Tuesday.

It is understood that documents which were to be served on a number of people, were not. The matter came up before Madame Justice Elneth Kentish in chambers in the Number 2 Supreme Court this afternoon, but sources said not much progress had been made on the issue, in which an interim injunction had been obtained by 15 dissatisfied officers against the Police Service Commission, the Commissioner of Police and the Attorney-General.

The unhappy police officers want the court to prohibit Commissioner Darwin Dottin from issuing any more certificates of promotion. They are challenging a decision to omit them from the list of promotions, which should have gone into effect tomorrow, but that has been put on hold while the court hears the matter.

Those officers behind the injunction include Superintendent Jeddar Robinson, Assistant Superintendents Richard Boyce, Antonio Forte, Elphene Moore, John Maxwell and Vernella Wiltshire. Other upset officers are Inspectors Trevor Blackman, Elliott Bovell, Barry Hunte and Roderick Walcott. Station Sergeants Sonia Boyce, Wayne Archer, Vernon Moore and Winston Holder, along with Sergeants Errol Ellis and Noel Moore are also challenging their omission. (EJ)

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